Star Wars’ R2-D2 to collect post







                            R2-D2 postbox                   


US mailboxes are said to be ripe for an R2-D2 makeover







        Postboxes across the US are to be dressed up as Star Wars robotR2-D2 to celebrate 30 years since the release of the sci-fi series’first outing.

Some 400 boxes will get the new look, including outsideHollywood’s Grauman Chinese Theatre, one of first cinemas to screen thefilm in 1977.

The makeover is part of a post office campaign for the announcement of a surprise stamp on 28 March.

The public have been urged not to tamper with the droid mail collectors.

A special stamp to commemorate the release of the first film was issued by the US Postal Service in May 1977.

Chief marketing officer Anita Bizzotto said the robot postboxes are a "little teaser" for its announcement later this month.


"When you look at a mailbox, the resemblance to R2-D2 is too good to pass up," added Ms Bizzotto.

The USPS website is running a clip from Star Wars in which robot C-3PO asks: "R2D2, where are you?"

In the next shot, someone is seen slotting a letter into the little beeping robot.

During the six films of the Star Wars series, R2-D2 -regarded as a more courageous robot counterpart to C-3PO – wasresponsible for saving his human counterparts.

2 reacties op “Postbus

  1. Esk schreef:

    Oe, zou dit een hele coole 1-april-grap zijn?

  2. ellahir schreef:

    “Campaign for the announcement of a surprise stamp?” … Het zou nog best eens kunnen, Esk.

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