Korte samenvatting van het spel Exalted

Gevonden op een RPGnet forum:

Exalted is a game where one of your main antagonists is Death, Creatorof the Underworld. Except there’s several of him, probally six orseven. Oh, and he’s got 13 dread henchmen, one of whom was probably youat some point in time. Also, Hell has a personal grudge against youthis time. Did I mention Magical America regularly trains and sendsninjas out for you personally? Ninjas specially trained in asskicking? Alchemorich_1280_smallWhich, if they won’t work, they keep giant robotic suits of armor onreserve for. Oh, and the Transformers have united under Omicron, andare invading.The Jedi have corrupted Heaven and usurped your rightfulplace as the Masters of Everything. Your ex-wife just dropped by, andshe’s a two thousand year old shapechanging maneating monster now,interested in maybe going on a date next Thursday. Your best friendfrom your last life and while growing up now seeks to cover all thelands of Middle Earth in darkness, if he can just find this damn ring.And your God has the world’s biggest crackhabit, and needs some seriousrehab.

Have a good day

Dit bericht is geplaatst in Exalted.

Eén reactie op “Korte samenvatting van het spel Exalted

  1. GobboE schreef:

    yep, that pretty much sums it up

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