In de negentiende eeuw hielden de mensen op het platteland in Europa een winterslaap.

In de New York Times staat een artikel van Graham Hobb hierover.

25robb600 Een paar citaten:

"As soon as the weather turned cold, people all over France shut themselves away and practiced the forgotten art of doing nothing at all for months on end."

"Income acted only as a deterrent. The people of Beaucaire on the Rhxc3xb4ne made enough money at their summer fair to spend the rest of the year xe2x80x9csmoking, playing cards, hunting and sleeping.xe2x80x9d "

"In September, at the General Assembly of the United Nations, President Sarkozy proposed xe2x80x9cun New Deal xc3xa9cologique et xc3xa9conomique,xe2x80x9d but without explaining how economic growth can be reconciled with conservation. If he is serious about saving the planet, and if he wants to reassure the unions that workers will still have time with their families, he should consider introducing tax incentives for hibernation. The long-term benefits of reduced energy consumption would counterbalance the economic loss. There has never been a better time to stay in bed."

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