En we noemen hem: Tsunemo

Uit de Phuketgazette

Fintastic: A amazing discovery was made by a local worker at Bang Niang Beach. One of the several abandoned swimming pools near the beach was home to a small puffer fish, who, one presumes, must have been living in there since the tsunami, surviving more than a year in a mix of dirty seawater and rainwater.

A local dive operator, who had been appointed to relocate the small fellow to a nearby wreck diving site, had to postpone the mission due to lack of time.

Two days later, it was discovered that rubble and algae in the pool had been disturbed and that the greenish-blue tsunami survivor was gone.

Evidently someone had been in there and fishnapped the small wonder of nature. Hopefully, he did not land on somebody’s dinner plate. Even though the incident might be considered as unimportant to some, I would like to hear about the plucky little guy’s whereabouts and whether he made it back to nature.

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